Cut to the anonymous woman speaking in French, her silhouette appears on screen as it did in previous shots.The following English subtitles appear as she speaks: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: I was manipulated, there’s no doubt about that. Her silhouette is shot from the shoulders and up and her right side is slightly lit.

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The text appears in white, except for the second “you” which is capitalized and in red. She continues with her story in French and the following English subtitles appear on screen: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: I have been reimbursing the 10 months of social assistance he received. Cut to the woman whose hair is slightly contoured with lighting as she continues her story in French.

Cut to a close-up of her silhouette from the shoulders up. The following subtitles appear: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: I sent him money because he said he needed it, or he owed some to other people. She is pointing her left index finger to stress her first point: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: First of all, I remortgaged my home.

As the sentence fades off screen, David Manicom proceeds as follows: DAVID MANICOM: We will detect the fact that it’s a fraudulent marriage.

You can be forbidden to enter Canada for a period of five years.

As she speaks, the image switches to a close-up of her hands and then goes back to her silhouette: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: Honestly, I really never saw it coming.

I thought that he was different, and I think you just have to be very careful.

Even if you get to Canada and it’s detected afterwards that it was a fraudulent marriage, you’ll be subject to a deportation. Halfway through his sentence, the image changes to a close-up of his silhouette shot from the shoulders and up.

The following text gradually fades in during the above explanation: You can be forbidden to enter Canada for five years. The lighting slightly highlights his turban and shoulders as he speaks: UNIDENTIFIED MAN: They make us believe, like, they love us so much, so we only get to know when it happens, like when they leave us.

His blue turban is highlighted with minimal lighting. Cut back to a close-up of the second woman’s hands.