After you create an account, you have instant access to all Zendesk Chat features on the Enterprise plan.During this period you can upgrade to a fully paid plan at any time.

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Turn your website into a destination worth visiting. With Flyzoo you can also provide support to your users/customers/visitors.

Enjoy full featured group chats with avatars, emoticons, file sharing, advanced moderation, image and video with preview... See where they came from and what page they are on, chat with potential customers and increase sales!

Type "/sneeksnap @username" to send a photo of your team mate picking their nose direct to any Slack channel.

The team behind Sneek is very experienced in building highly scalable infrastructures.

The best way to ensure that Zendesk Chat is the best fit for your organization is through our full-featured trial.

Over the course of the trial, you will also understand the feature set and be better positioned to select a suitable package for your needs.

Basically, our agent fee is exactly like a per license fee that you use with other software packages.

The API makes it simple to add video chat, inside your product, site, or mobile app. Use just CSS to customize the chat UI, or extensively control calls with our REST API.

We're daily Sneek users ourselves, so we want the best performance we can achieve and promise you'll be impressed with the call quality and application performance. There's no credit card required and no downgrade messing, after 30 days you'll automatically be switched to the free plan.

This of course, is assuming you aren't on dial up or in a hipster coffee shop sharing a 2mb connection with 40 other bearded men. If you love us, and we think you will, just add your payment details at any time to keep using Pro.

Most of the features and additional agents you added will be automatically disabled at this point.