Think of yourself where you are now, rather than where you were three years ago. Try to think of yourself as being more resilient and strong now and take one small step at a time.Enjoy someone's company without any expectation of where it may or may not go at first.

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Being single is no better or worse than being in a relationship, despite what anyone might tell you. But as for asking someone out, do you spend time with people you might want a relationship with?

Try getting out a bit more and chatting to people - even if it's just for the sake of chatting.

Justin has worked as a sex and relationships educator for over 15 years.

Here, he answers questions about sex and love with the help of The Mix relationships advisor Tamsin. Chrissie: Me and my boyfriend have an intimate relationship, however I sometimes feel pain when he tries to insert himself in me. Justin: Sex should never hurt (unless you're doing something that's to hurt, like love bites). It might help to ask yourself if this is the kind of sex you actually want?

Gary: But will someone's hands, mouth etc give a woman as much pleasure as an erect penis would? Most women (with vulvas) can't orgasm from just a penis in the vagina. Gary: So if I ejaculate too early, I can use my fingers? Ollie: My last sexual and romantic partner was years ago.

Since then I've abstained from the dating scene because I needed to seriously work on myself (including one nervous breakdown) and I have gotten better since then.

How do I retain my confidence when it comes to dating (and the bedroom stuff)?

Justin: First of all, make sure that you aren't giving yourself a hard time about being single.

Even if you lose your erection, you can still use your hands, mouth, tongue, face, leg, thigh, toys etc. The most sensitive bit of the vulva is the clitoris.

The issue is what 'society' says counts as sex - as in penis-in-vagina is the only thing that counts! It has twice the amount of nerve endings as in the end of your penis. After a few minutes, your hard-on will return again. Tamsin: There is a section in this article that talks about things you could try that may help you last a bit longer, like the start-stop method (where you stop having sex when you think you are going to ejaculate, wait a bit, then start it up again).

Ollie: I keep mine in my underwear drawer so if my parents for whatever reason find them in there I can immediately ask why they were intruding upon my private space.