Everything was relatively clean, maybe even boring, and you’ll find yourself in the chatrooms in no time.

I also like that the site displays everyone’s gender, and I felt like most people were being honest about what sex they were.

This makes sense because i Sexychat basically runs through IRC chat rooms, which are super basic with no video or fancy features.

Free adult chat isexchat-9

It’s weird…there’s literally like 20 rules for the chat rooms!

Do they really have moderators with such pathetic lives that they spend their time enforcing all this?

I appreciate the old school feel to these chat rooms.

Back in the 90s, I used to hang out a lot in IRC and AOL chat rooms just chatting and being bored. It looks like there are plenty of people still living this online lifestyle, because the main chatrooms on i Sexychat are pretty damn active with a consistent community. Yes, many of them are spammers, but even spammers need customers. There are a lot of annoying ads, but nothing that really infuriated me like ad portals or ads with sounds.

I really wonder just how many real bitches are on this site.

Gay chat is combined with lesbian chat and fairly popular, with 114 people in the room when I checked it out for my research.It can very easily be that the “girl” you’re talking to might actually be a 50-year-old professional balls sniffer.For those of you who grew up using the internet in the 90s, i Sexy Chat is really just a portal to various sex IRC chatrooms, with ads plastered around.i Sexy Chat is a straightforward chat site that markets itself as a place to have fun sexy chats with women (or men) around the world.The site asks you your gender and what you are interested in, and from there directs you to one of several chatrooms so you can start your journey of meeting someone to bust a nut with. Many of the chatrooms are filled with spammers, with hardly any girls and no proper understanding of the people you’re talking with.From here you start by picking one of seven different types of chat rooms.