Facebook is coming off of the most significant personal privacy scandal in company history.

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Like if you go to a friend’s poetry reading (organized on Facebook of course), will you end up chilling with a friend-of-a-friend you went on a horrible first date with two years ago?

Of all the surprises at Facebook’s annual developer conference last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s unexpected announcement that Facebook is launching a dating service may have taken the cake.

It’s not at all that Facebook couldn’t launch a dating feature.

It actually makes a lot of sense, and Chief Product Officer Chris Cox even joked that he thought Facebook would have launched dating more than a decade ago.

But the company isn’t satisfied with Any adult Facebook user in Colombia can create a Facebook Dating profile that includes up to nine photos and ice-breaker questions (a feature that borrows heavily from dating app Hinge.) Once enough people sign up, an algorithm will match them based on criteria like their mutual friends and shared interests.

Users also have the option to match with people who belong to the same Facebook groups they do, or who go to the same events.Facebook has already tried to help you find your dream job, catch up on the latest news, and even sell all that junk cluttering up your basement.Yes, all those ventures have either flopped or become mired in controversy.The first, called Second Look, allows users to re-review someone they previously said they weren't interested in.(Paid Tinder users are similarly able to undo their last left swipe.) The second feature allows users to pause their Facebook Dating profile if, say, they want to take a break from the service, or are in an exclusive relationship and no longer looking to meet other people.Those tests will determine when it will roll out more broadly. Facebook doesn’t plan to run ads alongside these profiles, either, and won’t use data associated with a user’s dating profile or behavior to target them with ads on other Facebook properties, according to a spokesperson.