His English was very good thanks to many years working in the hotel business.

I didn’t think any more of our meeting at that point but Pauline and I loved the resort of Dalyan so much that we returned two or three times a year after that for holidays.

We always felt so comfortable with one another and I liked the fact that he is well-educated and had a successful career, just as I did.

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Two years after we fi rst met we shared a kiss but even then I was reticent about a relationship developing.

I’m an intelligent woman and I had obvious concerns such as our age and cultural differences.

The age gap has never worried Sezayi but my big concern was whether he’d one day want children as I was too old to have them.

He reassured me that it wasn’t a problem and that his eight nieces and nephews would be enough for him.

Twenty years later my marriage ended and I was devastated.

Slowly I got my life back together with the help of some good girlfriends and discovered a social life I’d not had before.

We seemed to bump into Sezayi wherever we went and we’d have a coffee with him.

I thought he was very attractive but certainly didn’t ever plan on anything romantic happening between us.

As for anyone who thinks Sezayi might have pursued me because he was after a visa, he has never even been with me to visit England and since we’ve worked together I’ve earned more money than ever before.

Just like Shirley Valentine, I married young – I was just 18 – and had my children soon after.

The idea was ludicrous to me, mainly because he was so much younger.