Reports say that Vanessa has upset and feeling uneasy about the situation ever since.

Woods confronted her, left for two days," Aubrey added.

In an exclusive interview, Media Take spoke with a Bad Boy insider who claims that Danity Kane’s Aubrey and Dawn (both pictured above with Diddy) have been fighting for weeks.

According to the insider, “Dawn and [Diddy] have been spending a lot of time together recently – and its supposedly work related.” Our source continued, “Aubrey has been [Diddy's] favorite, so she’s upset about Dawn getting the extra attention.” Our source claims that during a recent rehearsal, Aubrey confronted Dawn about her “close” relationship with Diddy – and it turned violent.

Before she was fired, she got blasted for her conduct while competing on the show, being described as "narcissistic, self-centered, evil, and vicious.

He also stated that she liked to flaunt her breasts, referring to a past incident where she'd rubbed her cleavage on the arm of a television host.

O'Day used Dawn's laptop, then received a message from the leader of her fan page shortly after, asking if she could meet her immediately.

Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email Of all of the housemates going into Celebrity Big Brother , Aubrey O'Day is perhaps the one we're most excited about seeing.Aubrey O'Day has a wild history The singer is not shy about her body Image: Aubrey has already hooked up with Jersey Shore's Pauly D, but she's caused yet more drama by berating Brandi Glanville.The singer has done several reality television shows Image: While taking part in reality TV show Making the Band 3, in which wannabe singers were auditioned for a chance to be in a girl group called Danity Kane, she was rumoured to have slept with the show's creator Puff Daddy.Porn star Jenna Jameson is really good friends with Aubrey Image: During a steamy interview with Complex magazine, she once discussed her penchant for porn, her love and admiration for Jenna, kinky sex and the type of men she digs.Although relations between the two of them were never confirmed, the gossip mill was churning out stories about the two of them and their tryst.The two have a son together and Porter is currently pregnant with Diddy’s twins.” Diddy is known for his carousing, so this wouldn’t be surprising.