But I was playing everything for my manager and I said, "I got this other song, it's not a Sum 41 song.

I want to know what you think I should do with it." When it finished, he was like, "Why would this not be a Sum 41 song?

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Though they'll always be associated with the juvenilia of their breakout, it's actually been a long time since Sum 41 sounded or acted like those knuckleheads falling off a high dive.

Unlike most bands, who get more commercial throughout their career, Sum 41's mall and movie soundtrack-friendly sound pretty quickly gave way to harder metal and arena rock, as well emo ballads.

Your older dude cousin pulls up Sum 41's "In Too Deep" music video on a large desktop computer, behind the closed door of any carpeted game room across suburban America.

You're thirteen, watching Deryck Whibley, Steve Jocz, Dave Baksh and Jason Mc Caslin as spiky-haired and scrawny teenagers, storm a high school diving meet.

I realized where it was going, and thought, "Oh, this is not where I want to go. But yeah, so being political and personal isn't new to me, it's just different.

I want to escape from all the fucking chaos and the noise and the bullshit of what's going on in the world." It was impossible not to pay attention to everything that's going on. Is there a lot to look at that's positive right now? I mean, sure my life is positive but there's a lot of shit going on in the world. It's another version, maybe hopefully it's a better version. I just sat down and it took like three to five minutes to write.It's not as if Sum 41 or pop-punk as a genre is apolitical.I don't really consider if music works in a genre, or if people have done it in the past. When I started writing, I was excited to dive in and be in my own world. That's how it always is: I just let stuff come out and whatever happens, happens. It was now 12 years ago, so the news has definitely passed, but there was a moment where it was everywhere for a second.After the first record, we started doing our own thing.It's gotten into darker, heavier music and lyrics since then.The songs are occasionally time-stamped to Trump, like on "45 (A Matter of Time)" and "The People Vs…" but the collection builds on the gruesome imagery and condemnations of chaos and deceit, that can be found on Sum 41's Bush-era work.