Your BF will need to acknowledge paternity and you'll need to make sure that issue is addressed in your divorce, lest your husband seek custody of BOTH children (since the divorce cannot be finalized until after the actual birth of the child). We just simply do not get along and I'm not going to have her in a hostile environment.Yes, I made a STUPID mistake before she was born and did what I did when I was cheated on. As far as my bf, he also obtained his record before I met him and is now working and doing the right things in life; so much so, that he was recently awarded custody by the state of a friends son. Never been pulled over or questioned by police about anything.Jeremy was born in California on April 7, 1984, and shot to viral fame after the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook.

Daughter dating a felon video

My ex knows nothing about my boyfriend, all he knows is that I am with him.

However, my ex has threatened to take custody away from me of our child if I EVER introduce my boyfriend to our daughter.

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But in August he told reporters that the couple were 'still together'...

The model, who carries the nickname "hot felon", has shaped a tremendous career path for himself thanks to his high-profile relationships and famous Hollywood friends...My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Pennsylvania I have a pfa against my ex because he hit me on two separate occasions.We are still married and I am about to file for divorce.If you've committed a crime, and are worried about the potential consequences, you need to be speaking to an attorney and ONLY an attorney about such matters, lest a blatant confession in a public space come back to haunt you. When her father and I were together and he hit me in front of her, I left him...99% of my reason for leaving him was because I want her in a good environment.You need to be aware that because you're still married, by default, your husband is going to be the legal father of the child you're carrying. I have never been arrested, never tried ANY drugs not even marijuana, I don't smoke and I don't drink, I don't yell at, cuss at or hit my child. He committed retail theft before I met him and he now works and does the right thing.when my ex husband cheated on me, I hacked his ex girlfriends facebook and email to keep tabs on whether or not they were contacting each other still. He says that he'll tell her about it and get her to press charges against me so that he can get custody of my daughter So instead of leaving him, you engaged in a potential federal crime. Whether the federal prosecutor would carry through on the charge or not, only they could tell you.