They all have good placements hidden among the bad ones. I’d get the pages translated by One Hour, then launch in those 5 countries.

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Here are some action steps you can take to reduce your page load speed.

There’s a ton of info on the web on reducing page load speed.

That style of landing page still makes money, otherwise nobody would use it.

I’ll give you a few tips on how to use these pages: Let’s say they are running an i Phone Sweepstake.

Now that you know this, I’m sure your head is filled with questions! Facebook doesn’t like anything remotely aggressive. They’d rather affiliates do Ecommerce or Teespring campaigns.

I bet you still have doubts about how to play with Sweepstakes offers, where to run them, and what are the dopest methods. Time to listen to a super cool expert and get the answers you’ll need to succeed! I’ve been running CPA campaigns for almost 10 years, and I run one of the biggest affiliate marketing blogs around! The Mobidea Crew have hit me with a few questions about the sweepstakes niche, so here are my answers. There are other places that are much easier to run sweepstakes on, and worrying about getting your account banned is something you don’t need (especially for newbies).If you’re new to affiliate marketing and you’re on a limited budget, stick with the email submit offers (some networks call them SOI – Single Opt In offers).Mobile subscriptions and the credit card submit will take a bit more budget, but those are the offers you should be running when you’re out of the newbie phase and you’ve got some profitable campaigns.The general rule of thumb is that the more details the advertiser asks for, the higher the payout will be.So if the end users have to enter their credit card details, you’ll get a higher payout than if they just have to insert their first name and email address.Another pro tip: even though you can segment by carrier on a traffic source, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% accurate, so you need to account for that.