They check her social media all the time and they are always really upset about her posts,” the source alleged.

As for what his estranged wife Shannon Beador thinks of his behavior, she reportedly doesn’t care what he’s up to.


The cops knew she was lying from the get-go,” Christina said.

“She hit him in the face in front of me and that is when I got involved.

I want my kids to be safe,” Cook wrote in her request.

According to Cook, she and her former partner’s new flame got into a physical dispute at Eriks’ home, where Christina allegedly “grabbed” and “manhandled” her.

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The content of this London Escorts site is intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.We did not cause those scratches on her at all and she knows this.” “Lesley Cook is a gold-digger,” she added.“She lives off her Eriks’ money and relies on him to support her and the kids.That said, it is certainly a possibility that Cook came into contact with the child.“After Stella’s volleyball tournament in Salt Lake City, Shannon took all the girls on a family getaway to Mexico, where they are currently,” the insider continued.“I have bruises on my hands that are sore,” she wrote.