A soulmate will encourage you to grow and be better in healthy ways.

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When you’re with the right person, there’s a sense of fun in small things and mundane tasks like grocery shopping.

Outside influences (work, extended family, parenting, finances, etc.) may be stressful at times, but you refuse to let anything get in the way of your connection. You’re honest in your communication and confront challenges together.

They inspire you to complete yourself through their love and strength.

Life isn’t always glamorous (being an adult comes with lots of responsibilities), but you truly enjoy each other’s company doing everyday tasks and having low-key date nights.

You have a sense of knowing and intuition that you’re exactly where you are supposed to be with the person you are meant to be with.

You don’t have to force feelings to develop or convince yourself that this is the right relationship. You can easily recognize how special and important this person is to you even if it’s hard to articulate it to others.

And if you've found the one who truly understands and knows you (and loves you still), don't let go — they only come around once in a lifetime!

If you were to ask 10 people if they believe in soulmates, you would probably get answers ranging from “no way” and “you can have multiple soulmates” to “I’m waiting for ‘The One.’” There’s also likely to be some debate on the definition of a soulmate.

What Happens | FAQs You understand that all relationships take effort and work, and yours does, too, but there’s something natural about your bond.