“Living under the same roof with another human being is always challenging, whether it is your parents or not,” Dr. Although economic indicators for Millennials are improving, almost just as many young adults are living at home with their parents as there were during the Great Recession.

You know all of those think pieces about millennials who live at home with their parents? I’m 29 and I’ve lived with my parents three times since graduating college: Once in order to save money for a few months before moving to Argentina, and the second two times because my boyfriend and I, who are nomadic, felt like spending summer in my home state. But whether you’ve moved home because you had to or, like me, you just dig your hometown and have chill parents, there will inevitably be conflict if you move back home.

Here are a few ideas for making it work: When I lived with my parents after college, I resented having to eat dinner with them every night (in retrospect, I was an idiot — my mom is an amazing cook). Even if filling up the car occasionally feels expensive, imagine how much it would cost to pay rent each month.

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It puts the family in a weird half-adult partial-control limbo, and the only way you can deal with it is by offering mutual respect.”But don’t despair!

There are steps you can take to minimize the friction of living at home again.

So, for example, if you’re single are they OK with you bringing home a date?

Are there certain times they’d prefer you were out of the house so they can do their thing?

One big thing that she had to get her parents in the habit of was not asking where she was going and who she was going with every time she left the house.

That’s obviously a habit that parents develop when you’re a teenager, which totally makes sense, but can strain parent/adult child relationships.

Spacial boundaries are just one category of boundaries that you’re going to need to set with your parents.

Mariella, 27, has been living with her parents for the past year as she completes grad school.

(Or that we just aren’t as eager to buy homes as older generations).