Check out three big reasons he might be having trouble down there.

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See, guys are just as familiar with the stereotype that they should have the higher libidos, though that doesn't make it true.

"What I'm seeing much more now are men who come in and describe a relationship where their partner wants to have sex a lot more than they do," says Morgentaler.

"It's almost the same as what happens with women," says Morgentaler.

"It's a way of saying to their partner that they still did a good job, everything's fine, and it's enough for now." Essentially, both genders fake it for pretty unselfish reasons. Read our tips to never fake an orgasm again.) Younger Men Have Problems With Erections, Too It's not just the over 40 crowd that's seeking sex therapy and little blue pills.

The thing is, firmness does nothing for a guy's sensitivity or orgasm—it's just the level of stiffness they're able to provide their partner.

"It's not about the guy—it's about who he's trying to be for his partner," says Morgentaler.

From buff, tough men breaking down in his office to guys who are devastated when they find out their wife faked an orgasm, these cases have shown him that some men's confidence and masculinity is deeply rooted in how they see themselves through the eyes of their sexual partners.

Obviously this doesn't mean you should lie to a guy about being amazing in bed (you wouldn't want someone doing that to you, either!

He hadn't been able to climax during intercourse for most of his life, but since he really cared about his new girlfriend, he'd resorted to faking it so that she wouldn't get offended. "If you're not using a condom, it's often a question of how much fluid is down there and how aware is the woman," says Morgentaler.

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"Men—including young men—have a lot of sexual issues," says Morgentaler.