This is one of the reasons why people stay in abusive or subpar situations because they feel worthless. So you can see how it goes from one to done real quick.

It was a wound that was programmed into you and it’s not your fault but you are the only one who can change it. You can only conquer the fear of loneliness by facing it with courage, the courage to be alone and be okay with that. You can simply settle for less than what you’re worth in this non-passionate, non-exciting, not really worthy relationship.

Courage is when you’re scared shitless but your heart says do it anyways. You can feel even more alone around others than when you’re actually alone.

Apparently it often works: a recent Consumer Reports survey found online dating has a 44% success rate, leading to a serious long-term relationship or marriage, so the method is likely to continue to draw more people.

Although sites such as remain popular with older singles, younger users are flocking to mobile-first dating apps.

You can learn so many things on youtube, websites, or online courses.

You can even find a new series to watch on Netflix.

You end up feeling really alone and you want to meet new people in your life.

Here’s what happens if you get back out there too soon. Number one is, when you’re lonely people sense that unconsciously and you will be perceived as low value.

Have you ever had that situation when you’re out and about or you just go out for example with a group after work or just some people that you met, and when you’re hanging out with them you just kind of wish you were at home alone because either you’re not really on that level, or whatever they’re talking about doesn’t really interest you, or it feels superficial or maybe it feels like they just don’t really value you and you’re just not connecting?

Personally I would much rather be alone till the day I die than to accept any of those alternatives again.

Here’s the thing, the fear of loneliness is actually much worse than the loneliness itself.