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This means, in effect, that the notice will usually give the tenant between two and three months.

Note that for weekly tenancies, it‘s the day in the week that the rent is paid on that is important, rather than the date in the month.

As a precautionary measure, each individual tenant must be served with a notice.

If the tenant is renting a room in a shared house, the landlord must specify the room (e.g.

The notice can only be used to gain possession where the tenancy is for a fixed term and the property can only be vacated when the tenancy is at an end.

If the landlord wants a tenant to vacate their rental property during the fixed term, then the tenant can only be evicted if a breach of contract has been proved.All the tenants must be named and the names of the parties and the address should match those in the tenancy agreement.Even if some tenants have moved out, they should still be named on the notice if they were named on the most recent tenancy agreement.Section 21 notices are eviction notices used by landlords in England & Wales when they want to evict tenants at the end of the fixed term.Find out more on when they should be used and how they are served.It is necessary for us to decrease calorie from food to live lengthy as well as a far better life.