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Every contract lawyer has his or her drafting bugbears and hobby-horses, problems that they look for – and frustratingly find – time and time again in other lawyers' contracts. One-shot definitions In general, a term should only be given a special definition in a contract if it is used more than once.

Sometimes, I use a one-shot definition to abstract complexity from an over-complex clause, but that's just lazy drafting, and not much of an excuse. Answer: it is harder to Read* a clause if you have to refer to the definitions Half* way through.*In the preceding paragraph, “Read” means reading in the ordinary sense of the word and accordingly shall for the avoidance of doubt include skim-reading, speed-reading, listening to audiobooks, etc; and "Half" shall be defined sloppily to mean between 45% and 55%... NB It's also common to find unused definitions in contracts.

For some reason I don't find this so annoying, perhaps because there's no argument about whether this is a mistake...2.

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