Google offers a very easy way to do a quick reverse image search.

For example, you can use a general Google search query, locate an image, then simply drag and drop that image to the search bar to indicate you'd like to search using that actual image to find out where other instances of it might be on the web.

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We use them as part of a project, to decorate our websites, blogs, or social networking profiles, and for so much more.

Here is a collection of just a few of the best sites for finding images online.

The average American knows about Buzzfeed, Home Depot, and Vimeo; their sites are gaining about as much traffic in the US as, which most Americans wouldn’t recognize.

According to the most recent results from Similar Web, two major Russian websites Yandex and Vkontakte ranked in the top 100 US websites for 2014.

Ru and DST Global, who befriended Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg A Kremlin-owned firm, VTB Bank, put $191 million into DST Global, which used it to buy a large share of Twitter in 2011.

A subsidiary of the Kremlin-controlled Gazprom funded an investment company that partnered with DST Global to buy shares in Facebook, reaping millions when the social media giant went public in 2012. The US government sanctioned VTB in 2014 because of the Russian military intervention in Crimea, but DST Global had sold its stake in Twitter by then.

Just last week at a conference in Las Vegas, I met a number of Russians and was told by a few American attendees that their Russian spouses, who live in the US, use Yandex for all of their search needs.

When using their native language, Yandex really does offer the best search results for Russians, so this isn’t a huge surprise.’s rank change was an increase of 377 and its counterpart,, went up by 150.

As seen on the list above, the majority of the list was expected but many other foreign based websites (mainly search engines) are also drawing in a significant amount of US traffic.

One of the most popular ways to use the web is to simply search for images.