A philosophy used by Vernon Shaw while developing the game was "sincerity wrapped in cynicism", meaning the player would play the game because of the intrigue about gay dads but walk away with life lessons about fatherhood and relationships.Griffis recalls the switch from the game being about dads having sex to being about relationships came towards the end of development when character arcs had been fully established.

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Narrative paths became more character driven and logic-based as development went on.

The word count for the game would be around 133,000 when development was over.

It’s an ambitious list of very heavy topics, but the glimpses of the project on the Kickstarter page show just how Esmailli is planning to handle them.

Parodying the overly sexy character bios in dating sims tailored toward men, the bios of show off the targets’ chiseled bodies; lists their likes and dislikes (they all dislike America); details their occupation (ISIS has a community and brand manager, because, of course); and most importantly, reveals their penis size (scrawny Omar apparently has an 11-inch dong).

At , we then see Ninja Brian with his piano in front of the stage from the Love Live! At , the word "dick" from "If We Were Gay" is pitch-shifted to "Meet the Flintstones".

At , a picture of Nozomi and Eli can be seen, to represent a yuri shipping couple.For ,000, you can be a character in the game, a prisoner of ISIS to be rescued by Elodie.Welcome to Otome, visual dating games made with women in mind."Brian's Theme - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator" is a high quality rip of "Brian's Theme" from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.The rip starts off with the music video of the song "If We Were Gay" by Ninja Sex Party. According to Esmailli, an Iranian-American, this game was designed to convey her complex feelings about “America, the Middle East, and [her] clitoris.” The game follows Elodie, an average 19-year-old horny American girl who just happens to be a CIA super-spy trained to infiltrate and take down ISIS in the “best summer ever!