While visiting Ukraine you will need help of a professional translator / guide.We have both male and female staff that can help you and your lady with English translation.are not included into Introduction service and are not provided.

Upon mutual agreement, together with an interpreter, the meeting may move to another place: restaurant, cafe or public place.

Ua Dreams charges $25 fee to coordinate the meeting with the lady.

This means that 1 hour of translation will be counted as 2 hours if you take advantage of interpreter's assistance during these days.

Please note: Translation service in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv branches costs more as compared to other branches. You have found the right lady and you want to go on to another level of your relationships, then the romantic Date is a must.

Inspite of the best Ladies of the Eastern Europe: the most beautiful and kind, the most gentle, thirsting for warmth and love, Ukraine is a very vivid country, rich in culture and history.

There is much to offer tourists, many lovely sights, traditional sounds and unique smells.If you need assistance with translation from other foreign languages (except for English), please contact our support center for more detailed information. Even if you use 10 minutes of translation service, it will be rounded up to 30 minutes.Please be aware that translation time does not necessarily start when your lady is present on the meeting.A wide variety of attractions in Ukraine capture the interest of tourists from the world over. Unlike other agencies we not only provide you with qualitative spoken translation service. We will arrange your unforgettable tour to Ukraine, full of impressions and surprises with small discoveries of our beautiful country.We offer you comfortable ukraine bride tour packages for very reasonable price providing for you a SAFE TRAVELLING atmosphere in Ukraine.It will give you an opportunity not to worry about all the arrangements' things and to be sure you will be well taken care and in absolutely safety during the whole trip.