The collection includes paper documents, photographs, photographic negatives, slides, films, newspaper and magazine clippings, ledgers, framed paper documents, tickets, books, awards, lithographic stones, engravings, badges, ticket punches, banners, scrapbooks, artwork, and a number of printing artifacts.

Paper documents include financial documents, non-photographic images, contracts, government-issued documents, correspondence and memoranda, marketing items such as advertisements, sell sheets, press releases, reviews, catalogs, pamphlets, price lists, and order forms, production materials, artwork, type specimen books, greeting cards, stationery, and booklets.

Included in these general historical materials are notes and typed drafts of Bruce Grant's (an unpublished book), as well as articles and clippings mentioning or featuring Rand Mc Nally, and a few miscellaneous items.

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Since then the company has been owned by two or three different entities, most recently by Patriarch Partners.

The Rand Mc Nally and Company records include a broad range of materials dating from 1856, when William Rand's printing company was run out of a small office at 148 Lake Street, to the late twentieth century, when administrative and production facilities were centrally located in a large facility in Skokie, Illinois.

Rand Mc Nally has since become a prolific publisher operating in a variety of areas.

They established themselves as a household name in the United States and became known around the world for their cartographic products, producing not only the maps, globes, and atlases which have become their trademark, but also a variety of trade books (in particular juvenile books), educational texts and materials, financial publications, periodicals, and a wide range of miscellaneous job printing work, including many railroad tickets and coupons.

Cartographic Publishing is further classified into the following categories: Administration; Atlases; Awards; General; Globes; Guides; History; and Maps.

Financial Punlishing (1950-1980) consists of only five folders and includes information on the Business Directory, the Banker's Directory, and the Financial Systems Division.

Correspondence spans from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, and covers a variety of topics.

Financial records include tax records, appraisal documents, sales records, accounting, ledgers, and miscellaneous documents.

The Rand Mc Nally and Company Records are the physical property of the Newberry Library.