In 1998, Corning divested its consumer products division, forming World Kitchen, LLC, which continued to manufacture Pyrex using soda-lime glass.

While a majority of vintage Pyrex pieces can be bought for less than , prices can be all over the board. For example, that mixing bowl set of Mom’s sells for -0 on e Bay.

Make a few casseroles like Grandma used to make and you’ll see why.

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Look at the completed auctions to see what pieces actually sold for.

Simple refrigerator dishes can sell for as little as $6, so it’s easy to start small and work your way up to more valuable pieces, like limited-edition promotional items that tend be more rare.

The stacked Spice O’ Life vintage Pyrex casserole stashed in my mother’s cupboard has seen more meals of creamy ham and scalloped potatoes, spaghetti bake and chicken with rice than either of us can count.

These trusty dishes have stood the test of time and are now sought-after collectibles.

No matter where you purchase vintage Pyrex, inspect it closely.

While this can be hard to do online, there are a few things you can look for.

You can also hold it up to the light to check for scratches and hairline cracks.

If you’re like me, you value vintage Pyrex for its durability.

In the 1930s and ’40s, Corning started using soda-lime glass.

The iconic set of four stacking mixing bowls in primary colors (also still in Mom’s kitchen cupboard) came along in 1945.

Locally, check out your Goodwill store and area flea markets.