Go watch improv (or, if you’re a real badass, sign up for a class…

Unplug from email, social media and your phone for 24 hrs. Make a fool of yourself on a dance floor in public.

I'm comfortable, content and enjoy the life I have.

In our monthly column, "he said-she said," with laura maccorkle, we answer questions on the minds of singles, many of the inquiries have a common theme.

Many of us have been striving to find and live a nice, comfortable, cautious life with certain expectations (i.e.

marriage, job advancement, nice home, social activities, ministry, etc.).

Go to a local shelter and walk the dogs Bake some cookies for the old folks home. Pick your boyfriend up from the airport wearing a long jacket with nothing underneath 😉 Give online dating a chance.

I have lived at the same location for eleven years (and love it), I have been working in the same basic field for fifteen years (and enjoy the work and the people), I have been a part of a great church for about nine years (and attend every chance I get), I have been fiscally responsible (and don't have much debt), and I have been single all of my life (and take advantage of the independence it provides).

We may believe God wants us to continue to wait patiently (and do nothing), we may think "content" is a blessing in itself and where God wants us to be, we may not want to make the wrong move, or we may just be afraid at this point to try something new. I didn't like how it sounded and I especially didn't like how it felt.

Change causes me to be pushed, kneaded, pulled, bruised and stretched.

We approach each day with the hope and prayer that our desires will be fulfilled.

For many of us, the wait has been long and our hope has diminished.

I can tell you from a year of fear that crossing off items on this list will change your life, challenge you, and crank your awesome knob to 11. And please feel free to share with me any feedback from your experience via social networks or email (all my info is on the contact page). Approach someone who intimidates you and compliment them. Drive around, crank your favorite songs and have a dance off at stoplights to make strangers laugh. Try a new coffee place in town or go somewhere new every time you go out to eat. Pull an all nighter when a fun opportunity arises instead of going home. Buy a bottle of bubbles, lay in the grass with a friend and blow bubbles while talking about your favorite childhood memories.