My ex's sister and I couldn't be closer than if we were related by blood.

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When my ex and I split, after and beyond the hurt, we did so for the sake of our children and before we lost our friendship. We've had many people of the years tell us that we are the most civil ex spouses they've ever met) When I decided to remarry, my ex was the first one I told (again for the sake of our children as my new husband would help raise my ex's kids).

During my first marriage I was very close to my inlaws, always referring to them as Mom and Dad.

I dated one of my best friends (from college) brother for a long time and of course I still have contact with her.

We ended on good terms, but my friend and I aren't as close as we were.

We don't talk often, but she still does reach out, sends cards for life events, etc.

We were close, and she looked at me like a daughter, but given that we live in different parts of the country, it's unlikely that we'll see one another again, so the long-distance occasional reaching out is likely to be as far as it goes.

I think his mom was relieved to have her 33 year old baby back.

My situation isn't exactly black and white in this area.

Even his mom, close as we's still sad and painful, and has the potential for being a bit awkward.

The last time we spoke, I mentioned that I'd met someone new, and that was a hard thing for her to hear, but she was happy that I'm happy. His mom and I had a good friendship, and the breakup causing that to be forever altered was just one piece of crappy collateral damage.

I was also heartbroken to know that I would never see his maternal grandfather, who I adored, again.