Sham marriages seem to be a big problem in Canada, mostly for people coming from India.

These people are enter into such a marriage, get permanent residence and then divorce the contracted partner.

This leads to such relationships being led underground and out of sight or suspicion.

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Even if you enjoy making your world all about him in the beginning, after a while it will get to be too much.

No matter how much you love someone, you can’t be the only one doing the work.

I would want an individual who has similar motives for entering into such a contract. This means a marriage that appears to be “working” whenever my parents or family inquire into our lives.”.

This type of marriage of convenience involves two people agreeing to marry due to a contractual arrangement between the parties and their families.

To crack down on the problem the government is sending investigative teams around the world, especially to high-fraud regions such as India, China and Vietnam.

A major case in the UK is that of Jaswinder Kaur Gill, who was jailed for 10 years in 2005 for arranging sham marriages.

Both of you should put in some effort to build a strong, happy relationship.

You will never be happy in your marriage if you don’t stop being a girlfriend of convenience today.

Marriage for some people is a commitment, which they make to the person they love and want to spend the rest of the life with them.