Regulate Your Sleep Lack of sleep can contribute to depression and lead to an increase in suicidal thoughts.

Try to regulate your sleep, aiming for eight hours a night.

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If you find yourself without any energy and sleeping most of the day, it is important to get up and try to do something active.

Even if it feels, like the last thing in the world you want to do.

If you’ve been having thoughts like this, we want to let you know that you are not alone.

Many of us have experienced suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives.

The helplines are open 24 hours a day and offer chat or email features, if you prefer to communicate by text.

Just talking about how you feel and how you got to this point in your life can be a huge relief and help you find a way to cope with the pain you are currently experiencing.

Furthermore, the feeling of being in unbearable pain Promise Not to Do Anything to Harm Yourself Right Now Suicidal thoughts come and go.

Even though you may be in a tremendous amount of pain right now, it is important not to act impulsively on your self-destructive thoughts.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol Alcohol and drugs often intensify suicidal thoughts.