These are called Lightning jars because you can take the lid off “fast as lightning.” This design was invented in 1882 by Henry William Putnam of Bennington, Vermont.

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Although many of us are familiar with Ball Mason jars, there’s also Kerr, Lamb, Atlas, Drey, Golden Harvest and a few others.

Today, the primary Mason jar producer in the United States is Jarden Home Brands.

Some of these colors are very rare and quite valuable.

This means that any authentic blue Ball Mason jar is at least 77 years old.

Filled with vegetables and fruits from the family’s garden, the Mason jar, with its patented screw threads and rubber sealed tops, kept food fresh in the pantry for the winter months.

Nowadays, “putting up” the garden’s bounty isn’t as important as in the past, but many folks are rediscovering this lost kitchen art and some have just continued their mother’s and grandmother’s tradition of canning their garden vegetables.Through strong design and process engineering capabilities, Kerr has garnered an impressive customer base, supplying closures to nearly all of the major prescription drug companies in the United States.The company's tamper-evident closures can also be found on most liquor bottles, as well as on many food products. The company is additionally the number two manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging products (including the amber-colored vials and the associated closure used by pharmacies to package prescriptions filled by pharmacists on site) second only to Owens-Illinois and leading Sunbeam Plastics, a division of Rexham. Kerr to manufacture home canning supplies for people who canned their own foods, such as preserves, jams, jellies, and the like.When you refer to a Mason jar, you are talking about a type of jar with screw threads at the mouth.There were once many different manufacturers of this patented design.I remember rows of colorful fruits and vegetables in Mason jars in my mother’s pantry.