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This is a season for dreaming, and we’re about to dream BIG! Oh, and ever thought “but if I go tackle those dreams, I’ll miss being in the right place to meet my future mate! This season is the perfect time to invest deeply in our communities, and that’s what we’re talking about in this lesson.

Here, you’ll get VERY practical tips and ideas for how to make new friendships and grow deeper in the friendships you already have.

Set Your LYSL Intention: Sometimes, when people talk about singleness, they make it sound like a disease to get over, and to get over fast. What God Says About Marriage: I’ll drill down into 2 big questions to kick us off, and then REMIND YOU with some tough-love of your worth as we dig into Scripture’s view of marriage.

Then we’ll get down to business as you set your intention for how you’re going to grow in these next 4 weeks.

Someday my wait, which seemed so much longer than everyone else’s, would offer the most wonderful reward.

Somewhere out there was the most amazing person, and we were saving ourselves for each other.But as a girl who was single through the majority of my twenties, I spent a lot of time in that Ford Fusion by myself.And sometimes I would suddenly feel a big weight – the awareness that my youth was passing me by and maybe love just wasn’t in the cards for me – and I would just let a few tears flow.How to Make a Single Life Bucket List: Okay, so we’re being present in this season, right?Get your pencils out: Together we’ll come up with tangible, actionable things that you can do as a single woman to truly start living this season to the full. And I’ve got something to say about it if you’ve worried that too! 7 Community Building Techniques: We’re created in the image of an intensely relational God, and when we fully embrace that, we see more of Him!I’m glad for the experiences I had as a single girl, for opening my heart up to finding true love but never settling for something that might have been better for someone else.