FIND A FOOD TRUCKFood trucks are the summer trend that isn't going anywhere so make it your mission to find the best mobile treats in your vicinity.You could even keep a running list or bracket to make a fun game out of your top picks. We especially love grilled pizza for the smoky flavor that the grill imparts.

Whether you're in search of first date ideas or are looking to spice up your current relationship, these summer date ideas are perfect for a rendezvous al fresco.

FIND A DRIVE-INIf you live somewhere with a drive-in, there's no better summer date spot: You can snuggle in as the sun sets and watch a movie — or two — against the backdrop of the stars.

UPGRADE YOUR BASKETIt may not be the most inventive summer date idea, but picnic food is downright delicious.

Make your spread as simple or elaborate as you'd like but may we suggest including fresh fruit, cheese, crusty bread, and wine?

You’ll unlock your inner kid while getting to see a playful side of your date, too.

“Fun requires vulnerability, as you drop your emotional guard, let go, laugh, and play without judgment, self-checking, or rigidity.

BUY PADDLE BOARD Sailing, boating, kayaking, or stand-up paddle-boarding — there are a million ways to have fun on the water, even if you're nowhere near the ocean. Experiment with different toppings until you come up with a combination you and your partner love.

BUY TELESCOPEThere's something totally romantic about marveling over the stars and planets together.

The best first dates are immersive, allowing you to open up and get to know each other in a fun setting.

The trouble is, freezing temps (in the Northeast, at least) mean otherwise great ideas—such as grabbing a coffee and strolling through a park—might be impractical.

If you pace yourself right, you can literally have the sweetest day ever.