The onlooker added: Alum Nick Zano & Girlfriend Leah Renee Are Expecting Their First Baby!

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They date for a short while but they both realize it doesn't feel right, and that they only want each other when they can't have each other.

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Vince is on bad terms with his father and turned to his grandfather for support in their family; they shared a close relationship and Vince was upset when his grandfather died.

While Vince is not very perceptive, he is dedicated to his friends and generally understanding.

They become a couple, strained only when Vince's new boss and ex-girlfriend Robyn tries to steal him away.

Oblivious and unwilling to believe Holly's story about Robyn's intentions, they break up.

However, he is known for having many previous girlfriends, much to Holly's discomfort in their relationship.

Shortly after meeting him, Holly begins to develop unwanted romantic feelings for Vince, even though she is dating Henry.While keeping his feelings for Holly hidden, Vince's womanizing ways wane overtime, as he is often oblivious when girls hit on him.Vince attempts to get together with Holly after she breaks up with Ben.Unaware of Holly's feelings for him, Vince becomes friends with Henry, which eventually strains the relationship between all three of them when Vince learns of Holly's feelings and begins to reciprocate.After Holly and Henry break up and Henry finds a new girlfriend, Holly attempts to pursue a relationship with Vince, but is disappointed to learn he was seeing other girls while he was waiting for her; he could not guarantee that a relationship between Holly and him would work out.At Johnny's girlfriend's gallery opening, Johnny has a painting in the show which looks like him and Max kissing.