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It sucks, but you will find someone who wants to be with you. First off, congratulations on approaching 8 years, more power to you in your journey.

From what you indicate, I'm guessing it's not about the drinking vs recovery. Perhaps there are underlying co-dependency issues or something else, who knows?

One that people would understand without questioning. You're assuming she was being completely honest with you about her reasons. everyone has their personal reasons and without their perspective, it's difficult to question it.

You’d hope that at our age, we could have open truthful dialogue . And totally useless to dissect it, cause understanding her isn't going to help to understand what anyone else would think of you. you're free to move on and now available to be with someone who won't be critical of your past.

are typically expressed as “pursuits that allow a person to grow in connection, confidence, and contribution through development of skills, education, vocation, or relationships.” Games during recovery can be a great way to connect with others, focus on living in the present moment, and rationalize steps towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

The following are some excellent games that can be played that incorporate all these things: These are games that can be played at home, in a recovery treatment center, or to be given as a gift.I think that your ex gf is most likely seeking her own level.She is attracted to and wants to be involved with someone in active addiction, and she may have a history of growing up in a family effected by addiction.It happens, often for reasons even more minor than this.I admire people who can own up to their issues and take steps to recovery, but I know it won't mesh with my lifestyle so I make it known early to avoid situations like this.She clearly makes incredibly bad decisions about men. Be happy about it and go find yourself a normal girl who makes good decisions. I feel it shows a mature and open heart, and shows they have ambition and are open to and actively bettering themselves!