Isaiah 51:7: Do not fear the reproach of others or be terrified of their insults Proverbs : Fear of men (whether they be single or not) is a snare.

Joshua 1:8: Don’t be afraid or discouraged because God is with you.

It may not be fair, but it happens often: Women worry that history is going to repeat itself. In a perfect world, none of us would have to deal with the baggage left behind by previous partners.

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You can chalk this one up to demeaning messages she got from someone in her past (see Fear #1) and our society’s obsession with airbrushed, flawless beauty.

Women today feel profound pressure to possess the allure of a celebrity, the figure of a supermodel, and the glamour of fashion designer.

Thankfully, many women have the emotional intelligence to find healthy ways to deal with lingering hurts so that emotional baggage does not permanently drag down new relationships.

Fear #2: She’s afraid she’s not beautiful or sexy enough.

There are many fears that keep women and men single.

Paradoxically, many single women and men who yearn to get married often allow fears and phobias to keep them from that very goal.

The fear of not measuring up to societal standards — even though those standards are absurdly unrealistic — can breed intense insecurity, jealousy, and low self-esteem.

This fear even comes with several bothersome byproducts: Suspicions that her man is checking out every good-looking woman who passes by, fear that he is going to leave her for someone more eye-catching, feeling threatened by other attractive women, and exaggerated dread of the aging process (not to mention swimsuit season).

Conversely, fears can be unwarranted and impede an otherwise promising relationship. It might be helpful to know some of the most prevalent dating fears among women.