A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that short-term vitamin C therapy improved mood and reduced psychological distress in acute patients with low vitamin levels.

A Korean Study, published in the Nutrition Journal studied the benefit of intravenous vitamin C on fatigue and stress.

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One group received a high dose of vitamin C intravenously (10g) and the other group received a saline solution.

Researchers measured fatigue levels, oxidative stress and levels of plasma vitamin C before the treatment and two hours and one day after the treatment.

The most common kiwi species is Actinidia deliciosa or the Hayward kiwi.

This fruit is small and oval-shaped with brown fuzzy skin and brilliant green flesh.

Vitamin C protects the body from the effects of acute and chronic stress, fights free radicals and is an integral part of a number of metabolic reactions including collagen synthesis and wound healing.

A great many health benefits can be derived from consuming foods rich in vitamin C on a daily basis.

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