Mihlali not recognizing her Dj ex is what Sarah Langa has been doing She’s even calling it a rumor ??

The couple have been spotted together on several occasions over the past few months and rumours of a rekindled romance have been brewing ever since AKA broke up with Bonang over a year ago.

Twitter has never missed a chance to lecture Zinhle about the "dangers" of going back to AKA but she has always laughed off the rumours, insisting they were just friends.

https://t.co/c2x Bn Do4l Y— Mzamo (@Boyzie Mzamo) January 15, 2019Ey but we all saw how the home wrecker was loved and I think deep down Zinhle knows that man loved Bonang.

We saw how he was crying when the relationship ended. I'd be bothered by how he loved another human to that magnitude.

Not this plastic "oh my gosh it's so lit" uncultured centinaires we tweet amongst pic.twitter.com/Dl4k TTuiom— um Zulu-Phaqa🇿🇦 (@_u Kwenama) January 14, 2019Most women dragging zinhle here actually r using this to vent !!

Their relationships failed , they r miserable , they want more women to c men as dogs like them .

I asked myself why Bonang is trending and I found out that it's because you guys think she's dating one of the Major League Twins. pic.twitter.com/oe LEATCXqs— YT: Media Girl Chronicles (@mediagirl_za) August 29, 2019“They’re tryna figure out who I’m dating, as usual.....

Twitter formed a therapy group on Monday night to unpack DJ Zinhle and AKA's rumoured romance and baecation.

In the tweet, Mihlali laughed the rumours off, saying the things people say about her are shocking. — AYEM DE GYEERL (@Ntebo_Mo) August 18, 2019 However, even though Mihlali has wiped her memory and her social media of all evidence that she dated Banele, he never got to deleting pictures of them together and the internet remembers.