With 229k followers on Instagram, he sure has become a celebrity.

But, did he find someone on his journey after a wrenched heartbreak with his high school girlfriend?

But has he found his perfect girl or is he still on the hunt? The award-winning actor Daren Kagasoff often indulged with girls on screen, but in real life, he prefers maintaining a low profile.

So the real love life of the star remains a concern for his followers.

On-screen romance usually has a happy ending, but life persists beyond the "happily ever after" as well!

Getting a perfect companion is not something you wake up one day and decide; you find it on your journey.

Figure out what you want." Back in 2008, Daren got his big break with the role of Ricky Underwood starring opposite the Golden Globe-nominated actress Shailene Woodley as Amy.

As he entered the world of glamour, he was no longer a commoner and was, therefore, followed and searched by many.

They felt that it was only his influence which had made his name to come on the list rather than any of his work. Daren Kagasoff is currently active on Instagram and Twitter.

He has more than 228k followers on Instagram and 112k followers on Twitter.

Daren Kagasoff had posed for the Vman magazine in 2011 with only his underclothes on.