Apple keeps everything, all of your media and all of the information about it, in the one i Tunes folder so as long as that's safely backed up, it can be safely restored.

consolidating itunes libraries into one-2

Consequently, before you backup your i Tunes library, make sure it is complete and then do what Apple calls consolidating it first.

Go to i Tunes Preferences, click on Advanced and see that the option Automatically delete watched movies and TV shows is not selected.

Yet if you don't check it, you could end up later on restoring an i Tunes backup and discovering that these other files were not copied.

So in i Tunes on your Mac, go to the Files menu, choose Library and then Organize Library.

However, you also need to make sure that your library is complete and intact before you back it up.

There's little point and much anguish to be had restoring a backup only to discover that much of it is missing.And then you can back it all up by dragging the entire i Tunes folder to another external drive.You may well have moved your i Tunes library so long ago, though, that you're not sure where on your network it is.We have some months to go before the new mac OS Catalina is made available to everyone, but then you do have a particularly messy i Tunes library on your Mac. And before i Tunes is separated out into the Music, Podcasts and TV app, now is the time to make sure you've got a backup, too.It's not as if we expect the new Music app in Catalina to go wrong.You could delete the original that's outside the i Tunes library, but make sure you've got a backup of the i Tunes one first.