All she had to do was go to the supermarket and pick up a dozen items -- while wearing a very short skirt and no panties.

Everything was fine as long as she walked carefully, but if she stretched up or bent down, wowza!

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"Come on, Melissa, you lost fair and square," Shelley laughed.

OK, so a couple of young men had seen her tush, so what? Melissa dragged the trolley behind her car and flicked up the hatch-back.

She was about to start loading the groceries when a man walked up alongside the van parked next to her and opened the back. The groceries were loose in the trolley, and not in the baby section any longer.

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"The penalty's not too bad." "Easy for you to say," grumbled Melissa, knowing that if she were in the other girls' shoes she'd be laughing, too.

Still, she had to admit the penalty wasn't too bad. The game had been a straightforward card game, and Melissa was usually lucky with those, but when the points had been counted at the end she'd come last. The girls had had their fun, thinking up some wild penalties before settling on a commando raid.

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