Characters: Bobby, played by a relatively small kid Bully Butch, played by a larger kid Other kids (as many as you want)A group of kids run on-stage. He brags loudly about himself, pushes a kid, grabs someone’s lunchbox, and kicks a ball away.

Bully Butch starts to pick on Bobby, calling him names like, “Wimp.” The other kids join in. When Bobby manages to get behind Bully Butch, he grabs him around the waist and hangs on.

The three men show surprises through gestures and body language. ”Little Mister: “Well, if you’re looking to get rid of that anger, why don’t you trade it with me for something more useful. I’ve got LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, and SELF-CONTROL. This skit requires 4 to 8 campers, depending on how long you want the skit to last. ”Camper #1: “Just sitting on this invisible bench.”Camper #2: “Can I join you? ”All Campers: “Just sitting here on this invisible bench.”Last Camper: “No you aren’t.

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Funny, quick, and simple, this skit requires no props and can be performed anywhere. We only have 3 parachutes.”President (pushing past pilot and grabbing a parachute): “I am the President! Place two or three chairs side-by-side to create a “bench” at a bus stop.

The message is how we quickly follow someone without thinking and the results. Explain that participants are to follow whatever action they see, without comment. A second person enters, observes the first, and looks up also. ”Little Mister: “Maybe I can help you with that.”Mr. A person enters and sits down, pretending to wait for the bus.

They also learn about themselves and each other in skits performed in dorms.

Relationships in college can be challenging and skits are an excellent way to help college students deal with relationship problems.

Skits are used in schools, at camp, in work-related conferences and conventions, and many other venues.

Skits can be as short as a minute or two or much longer and have only one person speaking or many speaking parts.Create scenarios where employees:small groups to role-play these scenarios. The plane is losing altitude and we will crash in just a few minutes. Please follow me.”The Pilot gets up and walks to the rear of plane with the President, Smartest Man, and camper falling in line behind him. Pilot (to camper): “Well, there’s only one chute left. I guess the pilot will go down with his ship.”Camper: “Actually, there are 2 chutes left.”Pilot: “Really? ”Camper: “Well, the Smartest Man in the World just jumped out with my knapsack!First have them play their parts calmly and then have them play the same scene with anger. The Pilot counts parachutes and addresses passengers: “I have more bad news. Smart Man (pushing past pilot and grabbing a parachute) “I am the world’s Smartest Man! ”This simple skit needs no advance preparation and can be as long or as short as desired.This continues until all participants are looking up. A second person enters and sits next to the first person and tries to get them to leave by making them uncomfortable.Tell the last person to turn to the person next to them and asks, “What are you all staring at? The person who entered first then says, “I have no clue what you all are looking at, but I am helping my stiff neck feel better! Church camps, Sunday schools, and teen devotionals are great places for skits. We have included the following skit suitable for any age or religious event. They can use whatever method they wish and can talk or use gestures.Read on for a selection of skit ideas and some full-length skit scripts you can use for many different occasions, groups, and ages.