Having a longer relationship could even reveal it really isn’t a good idea to marry the person you thought you would.Better to discover that before marrying than after.Another reason a longer relationship may be wise is that it can provide greater clarity to the couple.

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” Parents of married children in the church were familiar with this phenomenon, and laughingly referred to the first year of marriage as God’s way to sandpaper out the couple’s selfish imperfections.

I would leave it to life and God to burnish our defects—instead of basking in the glow of an unrealistic courtship, only to be surprised on your honeymoon by the realization that you don’t actually know your spouse, and then counting on this stranger to turn you into the ideal mate you’re supposed to be.

Let’s first take a look at the biggest reasons some Christians say relationships should be short.

The first reason is the strong sentiment within much of American Christendom that marriage should be pursued with intentionality and without hesitation.

The one year count-down clock began ticking right then and there. A friend of mine who was engaged at 17, called her mom after her honeymoon crying.

She asked between hiccupped tears, “Is this how it’s really supposed to be?

Writer Ashlie Stevens describes in a blog post how she saw this phenomenon produce unhealthy marriages.

After attracting the attentions of one of the seminarians, the female students [at the Seminary I attended] would talk about getting asked to coffee at the small campus café.

Having a short relationship creates a greater risk of not knowing your significant other as well as you should or not resolving personal or relational issues that need to be settled before entering into marriage.