Because of this, the Dragonkin are forced to act whenever the stone is being abused in order to subside their pain, be it by destroying its false user, or anything that lives at all.

At some point the Elder Gods abandoned the worlds they created, leaving their artefacts scattered among the many worlds they were last used.

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There he found several more artefacts, one of those being the Stone of Jas.

Heavily admiring the beauty of the perfect world, Guthix wished to share it with mortal beings.

Because of this, war erupted on the many worlds where some artefacts were thought to reside. The Stone of Jas on Gielinor was not discovered by any of the gods until much later.

After the destruction of his home plane and his ascendance to godhood due to another one of the artefacts, a sword he managed to obtain from its former owner Skargaroth, the naragi Guthix stumbled upon the world of Gielinor after visiting many other realms.

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