Now they're dating again, and I want to tell them, "STOP! Learn from the past." I know people might say this isn't my business, but the time after their breakups is horrible for me.They're both miserable, depressed and angry, and I have to hear it and live with the aftermath for a long time.

It is as basic as advising someone whose cut won’t heal to stop picking the scab.

If you’re afraid of missing something, then tell people you normally keep in touch with that way to text you if they need you; you’re cutting out social media for a while because it’s too distracting (guess what!? Use the sudden gift of free time on yourself, to do things that soothe or restore you during this stressful time.

Or just to establish a good resource for when you need a reality check. Email Carolyn at [email protected], follow her on Facebook at chat with her online at 9 a.m.

By CAROLYN HAX Dear Carolyn: Is it advisable for a never-married man with no kids to get involved with a single mother?

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I don't want to sound like a groomzilla but I'm getting married next year and their inevitable breakup is going to make the wedding tense and unpleasant.

My fiancee says we should hope for the best but she hasn't lived through the past like I have.

I know it’s never a good idea to generalize, but the answer I hear most often is an emphatic no, for many reasons.