We're kind of the comic relief of this movie because most of the stories are very dark.

So I think it'll be great if it can be seen by a few people at least.

Caption: Caroline talks about her attraction towards Will Graham on Youtube (2013).

caroline dhavernas dating-38

Currently, the actress is neither married nor has a husband, but she is definitely into secret dating with her boyfriend, Maxime.

Caroline has not revealed a dime about her past relationship and past hook-ups, which had added a kind of speculation in the mind of her fan followers.

The speculation further sparked when in the series of Hannibal, Caroline and another female actress Katharine Isabelle were spotted making out.

But, when looking at her recent story, she has been paired with the pop star Maxime which removes all the speculation and added rumors of her being lesbian.

A lot of people are aware of her professional life but what about her personal life?

Is Caroline Dhavernas dating someone; who is her boyfriend? So, let’s get into Dhavernas’ both personal as well as professional life.

The “Hannibal” actress Caroline Dhavernas has been building suspicion amongst her lovers after she created a mystery regarding her dating life.

Her silent behavior has made her surroundings doubt about her sexual preference.

Talking about her relationship, Caroline Dhavernas seems to be single as of now.

She has been silent concerning her dating life which has made people speculate she is either workaholic or a lesbian.

Caroline Dhavernas shared a story stating she visited an event with boyfriend Maxime Le Flaguais Caroline has well tucked her relationship information, and at the age of 38 years, she might have secretly married her man, or they might have even separated as the source reports the actress to be single but on November 15, 2016, they were spotted together in the premiere of Pays de Chloé Robichaud which shows that the relationship between them still exist.