The best candidates I know go the extra mile to learn who their interviewers are and spend time researching additional information about your church and team.

As an interviewer, you can assess if they prepared for the interview by asking yourself if they have researched your church and this role effectively.

Consider googling them and checking their Linked In profiles for further verification of experience.

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.

In the Methodist Church, Candidating is the shorthand term for offering for the ordained ministry.

It is the process by which you and the church test your call.

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Mark Lauterbach Jilted Again Candidating means you gotta know how to handle rejection.

Once it is time for the face-to-face interview, are they dressed appropriately for the interview? Do they smile and shake hands with a pleasant introduction?

Use non-verbal cues when interviewing them such as smiling, head nodding, or leaning forward.

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