In 2007 the exact same manufacturing company, Summit Entertainment, picked Cam Gigandet to look at the movie “Twilight” according to a book of the exact same name written by Stephenie Meyer.He also Robert Pattison won the award of the Greatest Fight in the MTV Movie Awards in 2009.

The Unborn centers around Casey Beldon (played by Odette Yustman) who finds herself fighting a mysterious spirit from her past, threatening to take possession of her.

Cam Gigandet stars in the film as Casey’s boyfriend, Mark.

Cam gets a few brief rear nude scenes in the film and Nick appears shirtless, along with James R. Cam Gigandet As the drama intensifies on the Southern legal drama Reckless, the show’s male cast continues to shine outside of their clothes.

Episode 3 finds Adam Rodriguez in the shower, which leads to a lingering walk in a towel.

Shawn’s character gets a bed scene with co-star Georgina Haig early in the episode while Cam’s character, Roy, finally connects with his legal nemesis Jamie, played by Anna Wood at the end of the episode.

Here’s hoping the show gets renewed for another season.In 2006 he’s a part of Kevin to depict in the TV teen drama show known as “The O. 1 year after, he appeared at a movie which made his name mainly understood, “Never Back Down”. In the film, he looked as a poor boy and combating winner Ryan Mc Carthy.The movie also added up into the general quantity of Cam Gigandet net worth.His client for the week, played by guest star Jordan Calloway, also gets a brief shirtless scene as he makes a rendezvous with his secret lover during the episode. The new CBS Summer series Reckless is only two weeks in and the legal drama is not skimping on the skin from the show’s trio of hot stars, Cam Gigandet, Adam Rodriguez and Shawn Hatosy.Cam has a lengthy shirtless scene in the first episode, while Adam & Shawn’s characters are caught on camera briefly.He is a conscious eater and eats a balanced diet to get his supplies of nutrients.