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This model is also commonly known as the Vest Pocket model.

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The PP pistols were made in one of the former Soviet countries and are available with any marking or manufacturers marking at extra cost.

Somebody ordered a batch of these pistols with FNs older legal name marked on the slide, this was done solely to mislead buyers / collectors into believing that they were getting a genuine FN made gun. Belgian law-enforcement agencies did not use the PP or PPK.

During both World Wars the company was sequestered and under German control.

The Belgian government (not FN) purchased the production rights for the 1889 Belgian Mauser and ceded those to FN.

Loewe was selected after FN engineers had explored buying their machinery in the U. Instead it was more a source of aggravation for the Germans, as they could not get production up to desired significant numbers prior to 1943.

Because no research was done for decades, the first Browning pistol is often credited to the FN Browning 1900.

A frustration that advanced collectors share is the fact that the High Power and High Efficiency are rarely credited correctly.

The forerunner of the High Power was the High-Efficiency, so named by FN in 1929.

A-5 Belgium, 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inch, 2,000,000 Commemorative Model, 1612 of 2500, 28 inch, Modified, Vent Rib barrel, in correct Black Hard Case.