Perhaps it’s because the wrestling world is juicier but it does seem like the ratio of wrestling couples causing drama is higher than with actors, musicians or any other athletes.

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After a decade of marriage, Nancy cheated on Kevin with WCW wrestler Chris Benoit.

For some reason, WCW decided to put the real life scenario on television by having the two wrestle hardcore matches and for some even more bizarre reason, the matches were excellent and the two had great chemistry.

The tragic tale of Sunny has been told through the stages of her love life.

Most known for being with late wrestler Chris Candido, Sunny cheated on him with Shawn Michaels but would reunite with Candido until he unfortunately passed away.

Over the course of history, many wrestling couples have failed and it’s caused interesting ramifications.

Careers have been changed for the worse following breakups, dating specific wrestlers have caused heat with other wrestlers resenting one because of it and there are instances where it’s just caused petty drama.As you’ll see in this article, some careers actually ended because of how bad a relationship ended or who the person they dated would leave them for if that person was higher on the totem pole or held power in the company.It’s important to note that the twenty relationships that ended terribly are all of different categories.Some are humorous and petty while others are sad and heartbreaking.Whether or not these relationships soured because of the atmosphere of the wrestling business is impossible to tell and quite frankly, it could very well just be on a person by person case.The relationship would ultimately end as the two would split and, while there was no direct signs of disdain between Hardy and Massaro, it would carry over in the Playboy cover girl’s next relationship.