No one at the time could’ve had the slightest idea that the brand formerly known as The Two Horse Brand, would eventually grow so big that it could be seen on the likes of pop icons and presidents, let alone the entire world.

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The general design has been in production for Levi’s for more than 50 years, and over years of big growth, taking Levi’s from an American national treasure to an international conglomerate.

The jackets are produced in larger quantities and due to their age, less likely to be in rags.

The design also differentiates one maker’s from another’s. This final episode of my “how denim is made” series discusses how the two kinds of fabric finishes impact the way denim looks and behaves.

The trick is to use this knowledge to your advance a make it part of the story you tell. In this second episode in the series about how denim is made, you’ll learn how yarn is made in the spinning process of denim production.

It’s the existence of that grey area that allows collectors to transcend the academics.

Although an official guide would be convenient at times, it would also shatter some of the mystery attached to the Levi’s brand, as well as deprive us of the privilege of sharing the knowledge we’ve found.

A heavily discussed topic already, this isn’t going to be the first, but we wanted to add to and improve the already available guides.

The Type I and Type III have both run for more than five decades.

Although modern Levi’s isn’t the same as the Levi’s we know from the turn of the century or just the mid-twentieth century, the vision of the brand’s creators is still there.