In the ’90s, AOL was the king of online chat rooms.

Initial registration is free but only gives you a trial membership that last for seven days.

The communication across the site is limited unless you have a premium membership.

The website provides details of each event and bookings must be made directly.

Doing so ensures that you received discounted ticket prices which covers the cost of a full dinner buffet and soft drinks.

Email: [email protected]: 815-401-8904 With parties over the first weekend of every month and other dates besides, this club is a private establishment run by Dick and Jane.

They have converted a part of their own premises into what they call ‘The Upper Level’ and can accommodate between 25 and 30 couples.

Email: [email protected]: 815-693-8410 Offering weekly Saturday night parties that attract between 100 and 150 guests, Couples Choice is a private swingers club and reservations must be made in advance to obtain the necessary (free) membership.

The club has a high energy dance floor, private, open and semi-private rooms as well as large open areas.

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