Mamba offers a solid pool of Russian women open to dating and short-term meetups, albeit has a bit lower of usage when compared to Russian Cupid.

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Tinder has recently changed the application to combat spoofing on Android devices, therefore, for pipelining purposes, we’d recommend the monthly package in order to be able to spoof your location with ease prior to arrival in Russia.

Badoo is a very large player in the international dating market, and with its recent interface re-design, it competes with other dating apps with one of the cleanest and well-done interfaces on the market.

The premium side of the application works by allowing one to buy credits to push their profile to the top of the pile, get shown more often, and increase your general visibility within the application itself.

These features are mostly not worth the investment, and the freemium side of the application should due to the normal user just fine to browse and contact profiles.

Upon sign-up, you’re required to verify either by using your phone number or Facebook in order to proceed with using the application.

This is a welcomed feature which will help to limit the number of fake accounts that are created and then dumped out on to dating platforms for scamming or other purposes.

The sign-up process is easy, and as with most dating applications, you add your photo and need to fill out a bit of information regarding yourself and preferences.

Within minutes, you can be inside of the application and browsing singles and sending out messages to those that appeal to you.

Online game has its biggest presence in some of Russia’s larger cities, including St.

Petersburg and Moscow, but is also worth a look once you get into the provinces as well.

The premium functionality gives you an unlimited number of swipes, along with the ability to hide your location and age, both useful features.