Betty Suarez, played by America Ferrera, is the main protagonist. She initially did not know the true circumstances that led to her hiring (annoyed by Daniel's womanizing, Bradford Meade hired Betty to be his son's assistant knowing that Daniel would find her unattractive and get him to take his job seriously), but stayed on as Daniel's assistant as they forged an unlikely friendship.Soon Betty became one of Daniel's most trusted friends, constantly keeping him from trouble, jail, and even once saving his life when his girlfriend, Reneé, proved to be a sociopath of sorts.

What I eventually learned is that ugly, stupid, poor, uneducated men are just as susceptible to bad behavior as the handsome, smart, successful, and educated. I learned something about myself: I don’t like losing to losers. Ex-boyfriend, I hope you’ve learned not to play games with a girl who can play better. PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS TO PRODUCTS OR SITES within the body of your comments. If you'd like to link your comment back to your site, just sign up for a Disqus account.

Actually, they may even treat a girl worse because they themselves deal with enormous waves of insecurity and doubt, and they project this negativity onto their partner, reining them in tighter and obsessing harder. On the first date with the last man I dated before reconnecting with and marrying Harv, I ended up at a bar. And I learned something about life: Don’t start a war you can’t win. After I married Harv, I went back to this bar, hoping to find the waiter. He didn’t know who I was or how I was connected to the man I was with, but to him, it was worth the risk to warn me. (I wish I could be there the moment you realize the truth about yourself. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of Harv on Instagram (@flourishinprogress) with a line from I : “When sadness was the sea, you were the one who taught me to swim.” The talented Kal Barteski created this amazing original work (above image) on luxe watercolor paper.

She went to London for Hilda's bachelorette party with Amanda.

She also met Christina Mckinney who is her best friend there as she is a famous designer.

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Characters are made "plain" by giving them thick glasses, braces, freckles, unfashionable clothes, an unflattering hairstyle, and surrounding them with people who are more attractive.

A subtle method used is to give the actor clothes that clash with their natural skin color, making them look pale or blotchy, a method also used in "before-and-after" shots for diet-pill commercials. Note: Just because a character is tormented by a vampy Alpha Bitch, it does not mean they're considered ugly in-universe (in fact - real life bullies can often hate rivals because they're jealous of their good looks).

My two major takeaways from Harv’s fine dining selections: 1. Not only were we able to enjoy dinner without the assistance of any utensils, but I also found a new dress while walking from the mall food court to the parking garage. And it’s even harder for me to believe that I ended up with someone so unlike any other man I’d dated. We tend to pick the same type of companion over and over again, not because that type suits us, but because bad and familiar can be more comfortable than good and unfamiliar. He has never hit me, called me names, belittled me, embarrassed me, shamed me, or ridiculed me. Most importantly, he never throws away craft store mailers because he understands that the only thing better than metallic embossing powder is metallic embossing powder purchased at a 40% discount. I stayed away from the pretty boys not only because I thought they would be womanizers and generally untrustworthy, but because I felt too self-conscious and unworthy for a handsome man’s affection. And then one day, I opened up Myspace and saw a message from Harv. I suddenly became enraged, not only with the boyfriend who was treating me like shit, but with all of the ugly men before him, ugly both inside and out. Holler at me: Flourish in Progress on Facebook and on Instagram (@flourishinprogress).